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The lawyer you choose to handle your family law matter can affect you and your children for years to come. Choose a law firm with the experience and dedication to help you resolve your legal matters the right way, no matter how complicated the problem might seem.

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At the Law Offices of John Green Jr., we have represented hundreds of people going through the stress and uncertainty of a divorce. We understand the stakes in any family law case. Our attorneys will work efficiently and passionately to settle your dispute. We are located in Lake Charles and represent clients across Southwest Louisiana and throughout the state.

Our firm handles a wide range of family law matters, including:

No matter how simple your family law problem may seem, resist the temptation to try to handle it on your own. Even in straightforward divorce matters, the law requires you to follow very specific procedures. An omission or error can force you and your spouse to start the divorce process all over again.

On dozens of occasions we have consulted with clients who did not seek legal representation and represented themselves. In nearly every case, these people, who tried to save money by not seeking an attorney, wound up with a result that was unfair or unjust. Save yourself time, money and headaches by retaining experienced legal representation to represent your interests from the beginning of your case until its conclusion.

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Choosing the right family law attorney is very important. Our firm offers no-obligation initial consultations to help you get to know us. To schedule an appointment at our Lake Charles office, please call 337-990-0060 or visit our Contact page and send us an email.