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Excellent Divorce Representation

If you are thinking about divorce, or if your spouse has served you divorce papers, your first move should be to talk to a divorce lawyer you can trust. At the Law Offices of John Green Jr., we will work to earn your trust with fast, honest service that will get you the results you need.

A Bigger Bully

Is your spouse a bully who controls you with threats or intimidation? Are you afraid of leaving the marriage because of what your spouse might do to you, your child(ren) or your family? Are you frightened of your spouse? Has your spouse been violent with you? If you answered any of these questions with a “yes”, then you need to hire the Law Offices of John Green, Jr. Make sure you hire a “Bigger Bully” to see that you are protected and to face off against your scary, abusive spouse.

No Fear, No Favor

Is your spouse an influential person in the community? Has your spouse hired a “high powered” attorney? Are you afraid of going in front of a certain judge because your spouse claims to “know” the judge? Do you feel like you are at a disadvantage because of who your spouse knows or what influence he or his family wields? Come to the Law Offices of John Green, Jr. We will zealously represent you without fear of any person or institution and without favor to those who feel, or claim to be entitled. We don’t care who your spouse is, what attorney he/she hired, or which judge was assigned to your case. Our clients are important to us, and everyone who retains the Law Offices of John Green, Jr., will receive fair and equitable legal representation.

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