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Get Strong Legal Guidance After A DWI/DUI Arrest

It is never a good feeling to see police lights flashing in your rear-view mirror, but the consequences can be especially serious if you are arrested on suspicion of drinking and driving. If convicted, you could lose your driver’s license, pay huge fines — even spend months or years behind bars.

Drunk Driving Defense That Stands Up For You

Your best chance of beating DWI/DUI charges is to retain an experienced and aggressive defense attorney. At The Law Offices of John Green Jr., we have years of experience defending clients against DUI charges. You can rely upon our lawyers to deliver you the best possible resolution to your case.

Looking For Holes In The Evidence

Many times, the prosecution’s case is not as strong as they claim. For instance, in many DWI cases, prosecutors rely heavily upon the results of the breath test device. But such devices are frequently unreliable due to malfunctions or improper usage by officers. We will find the holes in the case against you and try to use them as leverage to get the charges against you reduced or dismissed.

Probable Cause

The police need probable before they can ask you to perform a breathalyzer. Speeding 75 in a 50, they have probable cause. Walking towards your car with the intent of driving, NO PROBABLE CAUSE. John Green, Jr., has two dozen years of experience dealing with DUI defense.

Your First Call After A DWI Arrest

It is important that you get in touch with us as soon as possible after a DWI/DUI arrest. Please call 337-990-0060 or visit our Contact page and send us an email to schedule an appointment. Our office is located in Lake Charles.