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Legal Defense From Professional Discipline

As a professional, you worked very hard for many years to establish yourself and build your reputation. All of that can be ruined by a single accusation of wrongdoing. Once your licensing board gets involved, there is no way of predicting how far they will try to go.

That is why doctors, nurses, lawyers, public officials and others facing professional discipline turn to John Green, Jr. The Law Offices of John Green, Jr., defends professionals who are facing the suspension or permanent loss of their license. We will work hard to restore your good name, keep you in business and minimize any effect on your professional license.

Louisiana Office of Disciplinary Counsel

John Green, Jr., has handled dozens of complaints filed by the Office of Disciplinary Counsel against Louisiana lawyers. Getting a complaint filed against you is no joke. If the ODC sends you notice of a bar complaint and request a formal response, do not take this matter lightly. In our 25 years of experience we have learned that the ODC often decides to formally charge an attorney once they receive the attorney’s initial response. There is NEVER a second chance to make a FIRST impression, let the ODC know you take every complaint seriously, and allow the Law Offices of John Green, Jr., to prepare a professional, dispassionate and courteous response to the initial complaint. Many times, after a strong, effective initial response, the ODC will make the decision to not pursue disciplinary charges.

If the ODC decides to formally charge you, John Green, Jr., will provide you a strong and vigorous defense. We know that to many attorneys the suspension or permanent loss of your license is like getting a life sentence.

Defend Your Business From Federal Regulators

We also assist businesses and individuals facing disciplinary actions by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission and other federal agencies. Such actions can cripple your business, but we will work vigorously to contest the accusations and reach a satisfactory resolution.

Consult With An Attorney

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