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We Will Get Your Children Out Of Harm’s Way

When your child’s health or safety is in danger, there is no time to waste. Contact the Lake Charles Law Offices of John Green Jr. for rapid and effective assistance with emergency child custody orders.

It is a sad fact that some children in Louisiana are exposed to domestic violence and neglect. If you have reason to believe your child is in danger due to the actions or inactions of spouse or their significant other, you have the right to seek a temporary restraining order granting you emergency custody of the child.

The Emergency Child Custody Order Process

The first step is to obtain a temporary custody order as soon as possible to make sure you can keep your child safe. You must prove to the judge, through affidavits, medical records, police reports, etc., that your child is in “immediate danger of irreparable harm” to be granted a temporary custody order. If the judge agrees that your child’s health or welfare is in jeopardy, he will issue a temporary custody order, that gives you custody of the child until a hearing on the issue of permanent custody takes place. John Green, Jr., and the attorneys at The Law Offices of John Green, Jr., have successfully obtained dozens of emergency custody orders.

Wrongfully Accused?

Sometimes, parents are wrongly accused of abuse or neglect. Contact us if you are facing the loss of custody or visitation rights. If someone calls you and tells you they are presenting an ex-parte order to the Court at a given date and time, do not ignore them. The only notice required to present an emergency custody order is a text, email or phone call, so don’t make the mistake of not showing up at the hearing. Call the Law Offices of John Green, Jr., so that you do not lose custody of your children.

Be There For Your Children. Call Us Today.

If you believe your son or daughter is being exposed to danger, contact our attorneys as soon as possible. We can be reached at 337-990-0060 or by visiting our Contact page.