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Child Support

At the Law Offices of John Green Jr., we firmly believe that no child should go without basic needs because they are living with one of their parents instead of both. We believe, just as strongly, that the amount of child support awarded should be fair and reasonable. In our experience representing hundreds of mothers and fathers in child support proceedings, the proper amount of child support is usually between what one party wants to receive, and what the other party wants to pay.

How Child Support Works In Louisiana

Louisiana law uses a complex formula for determining how much the noncustodial parent should pay. The formula takes into consideration numerous, important factors other than each parent’s income, the noncustodial parent’s ability to pay and how many children are involved. The Law Offices of John Green, Jr., are well versed in all the factors that go into the calculation of a reasonable amount of child support.

Child Support Modifications

Awards of child support are not written in stone and need changing from time to time. We are available to help you modify an existing custody plan. As you and your children’s needs change, you can go to court to have the payments raised or lowered.

Helping You Fight For Spousal Support

In many marriages, one party earns most the household income and the other parent earns less or focuses on caring for the children and maintaining the home. When the marriage ends, the courts try to maintain the status quo so that the spouse with the lower income is not left destitute and the community debts get paid.

John Green, Jr., has and the attorneys at the Law Offices of John Green, Jr., have successfully obtained dozens of spousal support (alimony) awards. We have also helped many working husbands get their spousal support set at, or reduced to, an amount that is reasonable and fair. Spousal support can be interim, which runs from the date the Petition for Divorce is filed for up to six months after the divorce is granted. A spousal support award can be made permanent, which means it runs for the life of the respective spouses; or until the lower income spouse can complete their education or learn a skill. We represent spouses who are seeking spousal support, and spouses who want to ensure that the amount they are ordered to pay doesn’t land them in Bankruptcy court

We Are Passionate About Helping People

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